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What is Lindy by the Lake?

Lindy by the Lake is a super low-key, super secret, no-fuss, no-muss gathering of Lindy Hoppers to make music and dance in an all-inclusive, all-ages, all-skill level environment. Everyone is invited to bring an instrument or dancing shoes to this one-of-a-kind dance and music jam.

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Where is Lindy by the Lake located?

Let’s gather by the lake towards Lakeshore Drive and 18th Avenue at the cemented area.

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Corner of Lakeshore Ave & E 8th St

Oakland Swing! Lindy by the Lake, June 2nd

East 18th Street Pier (built in 1908). Cement area at the corner of Lakeshore Ave & E 18th St.

What should I bring with me?

Pack plenty of water and sunscreen. If you sweat (as we all do), bring an extra shirt to change into, and maybe a light sweater (you never know when the that breeze picks up.) You can grab a snack at Grand Lake Farmers Market before heading over.

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What type of shoes should I wear to Lindy by the Lake?

Please note that LbtL is located outdoors, and that our dance surface is concrete. Therefore we suggest wearing sturdy, flat-bottomed shoes. Each LbtL participant is responsible for their own physical health and safety related to dancing on this kind of surface.

With that in mind, you have a number of options for footwear. We recommend wearing something which has some cushioning and isn’t too sticky in order to give you some ability to pivot. Since concrete tends to put considerable wear on suede or leather soles found in specialized dance shoes you may consider shoes with a hard rubber sole or even adhering some inexpensive self-adhesive suede to the bottom of a pair of comfortable keds / sneakers.

All things considered, tune in to your body. In the event that you have any worries over your feet, lower legs, knees, and some other body parts associated with them, please consult with your personal physician.

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What is the schedule?

Here is a rough schedule of the event (subject to change)

11-12:05  DJ Set / Mini taster class

12:05 – 12:20  Lindy Birthday and Celebration Jam / Shim Sham / Group Photo

12:20-12:50 Optional: Music Jam or Open Mic

12:55 – 2pm DJ Set

What is the transportation and parking situation?

Nearest BART Station is Lake Merritt, about .8 mi or 15 minute leisurely walk away. Free parking is available around the lake on Saturdays. It is usually fair to easy in the morning to find free parking. Metered street parking is also available on 18th St. You can also use moovitapp.com to figure out bus lines to the Lake.

If you plan on going to the Farmers Market in the morning, there is public pay parking at the freeway underpass (enter via Lake Park Avenue/Grand). It’s about a 7-10 minute walk from the Farmers Market, following the Lake.