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The Breakaway, the only weekly swing dance and Lindy hop venue in Oakland, is in danger of losing its home at Lake Merritt.

Please sign our petition, to save our dance home!

The beautiful Veteran’s Memorial Building, built in 1926, and home to over 20 dance communities including the Breakaway, announced that it will be closing its doors on all the evening and dance programs in 2020. The building itself has a deep historical and cultural link to the resurgence of Lindy hop since the mid 1990’s.

Bay Area resident and dancer Chad Kubo shares, “200 Grand Avenue  has been a staple of our Lindy Hop venues. The name of the venues have changed as the torch has been handed from generation to generation It is the same dance with many of the same dancers all surrounding Lindy Hop.”

Dance legend Frankie Manning had his workshops at 200 Grand with his son Chaz Young, the Queen of Swing Norma Miller, and Chester Whitmore protege of the famous tap dancer Fayard Nicholas of the “Nicolas Brothers”.

These names might not mean much to the City of Oakland but they should. They are a significant part of American history and African-American history with the development of jazz music and dance since the 1930’s and that needs to be conveyed to the board members. San Francisco recognized Frankie Manning’s contribution by giving the key to the city and declaring Frankie Manning Day. Lindy in the Park was also recognized and appreciated by the city hosting Frankie Manning’s 85th Birthday. Google even had a dancing animated title made in honor of Frankie.

200 Grand should have the same recognition and appreciation historically from Oakland. It is a melting pot of ethnic groups interacting and have fun together including ages from teens to seniors all dancing together. To take that away from Oakland would have a significant impact on the Oakland and surrounding communities.

Lindy Hoppers from around the world flocked to the Bay Area to dance we were the Mecca of Swing Dance in the world. 200 Grand was a part of it.

To lose this venue will significantly diminish the historical value of the City of Oakland build over the last 23+years.

Organizers, staff, musicians, and teachers who depend on this for their livelihood are working hard every day to serve seniors, veterans, and citizens of Oakland. Please join our cause and sign this petition so we can make a stronger appeal to local officials.

Here is the petition link:

Please feel free to share this petition. Every signature counts.

Thank you!

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