Keeping Our Community COVID-Free

Lindy by the Lake is happening on May 21, Saturday! We are really looking forward to dancing with you. 

Amid so much change and uncertainty over rising cases, clear communication about COVID-19 protocols can be reassuring. While outdoor events like Lindy by the Lake, have a lower risk of spreading COVID, but we still encourage dancers to mask up! Free sanitizer will be stationed around the dance area and we hope everyone takes advantage of it to sanitize between dances. Please. If you have any symptoms at all (headache, sore throat, cough etc), please stay at home even if your home rapid test is negative. The new variant is known to slip through rapid testing windows and you may be contagious. 

If you do end up testing positive for COVID following a dance event, we encourage transparency! Contact all the dancers you know you’ve had contact with so they can make educated health protocols to get tested and observe their own health. Let’s take care of our community. We want everyone to stay healthy and happy!


10:30-11:00 Free Taster Class by Chad Kubo and Kristen (arrive early to register and meet fellow dancers!) 

11:00-11: 45 Live Jazz by Rob Reich Quartet

11:45-12:10 DJ Set by Ben Wang, last song is Shim 

12:10-12:15 Lindy by the Lake Photo

12:15-1:00 Live Jazz by Rob Reich Quartet

1:00-1:30 DJ Set by Ben Wang


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