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It’s been a WHOLE year since Lindy by the Lake made its event debut on the landing on East 18th Street and Lakeshore on Lake Merritt in Oakland. It started with some crazy kids and an idea, which in the beginning simply meant  a jazz DJ with a boombox and some swing dancers.  Once a month, the dancers would come, swing dance and encourage passersby and neighbors to learn this one true American dance form.

Since then, the monthly event is going strong, gaining the attention of the Oakland community and helping grow the Lindy hop dance scene. As the community continues to grow, so are its needs.

We want to keep this event FREE. And in order to do so, event organizers need better equipment. Currently, we are relying on volunteers to bring their personal speakers and equipment for both the DJ and live music set-up.

We are asking for $1500, of which the money would go to the purchase of audio speakers, battery operated amplifiers for acoustic music, and microphones.  It would also start a seed fund to compensate musicians who donate their time and artistry. Our objective is to provide free locally accessible live jazz music, which we believe enriches the culture and arts scene around Lake Merritt, and provides joy to the underserved communities of Oakland.

Lindy by the Lake is 100% free, run by volunteers, who donate their time and energy with whole hearted passion for jazz music and swing dance.  We aim to build community by sharing and teaching appreciation for the art form that is Lindy Hop, and encourage people to get out of their homes, be more active and dance.

We can’t do this without your support.

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