Lindy by the Lake: Warmth (1st Anniversary)

A word of Gratitude as LbtL turns one.

Time swing outs when you’re having fun! It’s incredible how quickly Lindy by the Lake turned one. LbtL is no longer a baby!

Lindy hop dancers came out in droves to the corner of 18th St. and Lakeshore, to help celebrate. And we have the photo evidence to prove it! Special shout-outs go out to dance photographer extraordinaire Gaudium Et Pax.

The highlights included a potluck lunch, a see-yah-later jam to beloved community member Idalia Ramos, the shim-sham and a live music jam. Everyone had an amazing time.

The past year would have not been made possible without the support of the many incredible dancers in the SF Bay Lindy Hop scene. LbTL is a pretty big endeavor, and as it grows, we continue to seek the support of the many volunteers. We call on those who believe that community building starts with sharing of oneself…and putting yourself out there, in the public eye!

We thank thee, all those who share our values. Swing the hella out, Oakland. Peace.

DJ: Benji Ng 

Music jam Leads: Rachel Stacey

Lindy Pride and Oakland Pride!
Keep calm and swing the hell out!

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