Lindy by the Lake: Growth

LbtL, getting bigger and better!

The Lindy by the Lake community just keeps getting bigger and better! This month’s theme is Growth.

People have asked us, what’s the concept behind the monthly titles. The reason is simple, we just wanted promote positive values that we believe the spirit of Lindy Hop promotes and represents. Lindy by the Lake has an East bay vibe, and we believe in inclusivity, acceptance and openness to all genders, races and creed. Much like Oakland which is a melting pot of culture and believes, LbTL strives to be open to everybody. It’s a free event and can be embraced and owned by all. So come and celebrate dance and community every month with us!

DJ: Tracey Lee

Music jam Leads: Shawn and Jessyca

Lindy Pride and Oakland Pride!
Keep calm and swing the hell out!

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