Oakland Swing is turning one!

LBTL is turning ONE. Help us usher in our anniversary month with a potluck hang-out!

We are so frigging excited. It hit us today that Lindy by the Lake is turning ONE next month. We are ramping up plans for a big old celebration for the first year anniversary of Lindy by the Lake and onwards into the future.

June 8 Schedule

10:30-10:45 DJ Set / Mini taster class

10:45-11:15 Music Jam

11:15-12:50 DJ set by DJ Benji Ng

1:00     Group picture / Lindy  Jam / Shim-Sham

1:30-2:30 DJ Set by DJ Benji Ng

It’s a daunting task but I’m entirely encouraged by all the support I’ve gotten from the swing dance community. Special call-out to the folks at The Breakaway Community. It really does take a village…. So now I’m humbling myself and asking for help.

To all my jazz musician friends and DJ’s — If you have a jazz band and would like to play a set at Lindy by the Lake, let us know! We can save a date for you.

If you are a Swing Jazz DJ, get in touch with me or Lindy by the Lake DJ Coordinator David Shen. Each month has two DJs, each taking a two-hour shift. We are trying to fill up the rest of the year.

If you are an amateur musician or soloist and would like to lead or join in on the music jam, get in touch…we have a separate emailing list for musicians and pre-announce the songs which will be played…so you can get ample practice ahead of time!

Lastly, if you would like to volunteer to co-host an event, by either doing set-up or tear-down for the event, let us know. We are in need for community volunteers, teachers for mini-taster classes, emcees.

We want to keep this event FREE and community driven. But time and energy are REAL resources that must be shared freely. So please, help support Oakland Swing! and Lindy by the Lake.

We hella 💚 Oakland. And we hella 💛 Lindy Hop.
Keep calm, and swing the hella out.

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